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Andrea Hope, EdD

Associate Professor

EdD, Columbia University

MS, The American University

BS, Montclair State University

Office: McAllan Hall, Room 232

Phone: 732-263-5307


Regularly Taught Courses:

Lifespan Development and Health (HE 212)

Women’s Health (HE 330)

Professional Seminar in Health (HE 485)

Nutrition and Health (HE 380)


Dr. Hope has her doctorate in Health Education. Her research interests include the impact of physical activity on health throughout the lifespan, women’s health, childhood obesity prevention, and issues surrounding body image and eating disorders among college-age women.

She has taught health, fitness, and wellness courses for The American University, Columbia University and The College of New Jersey, and collaborated with faculty in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and the Food Policy Institute at Rutgers University.

Early in her career she developed, directed, and managed comprehensive health promotion programs for Sony Music Entertainment, NBC, The National Center for Health Fitness, The Army Materiel Command, and several other corporations including Johnson and Johnson, Campbell Soup Company and Chevron.

Professional Associations:

Society for Behavioral Medicine

Selected Works:

Scholarly Articles:

Hirschler, C., Hope, A., & Myers, J. (2015). College students’ perceptions of and experiences with human papillomavirus and herpes: Implications for college sexual health education. American Journal of Sexuality Education.

Hope, A. (2014). Bonding over body image: reaching across campus to change the conversation. American Nurse Today. 9:9, 60-61.

Hope, A., Hirschler, C. & Konopack, J. (2014). Perceptions of childhood obesity in parents of preschool-age children. Infant, Child and Adolescent Nutrition, 6:2, 94-97.

Hope, A. (2012). Increasing awareness about body image dissatisfaction and eating disorders through multimedia projects. Health Education Teaching Techniques, 2, 67-79.