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Step-By-Step Video Instructions

Use the link below to view to view a video on how to submit your assessment report to the General Education database.

Watch Video Instructions

For Help Contact:

Bea Rogers


General Education Outcomes Database

Thank you for visiting Monmouth University's Outcomes Database. Before you begin, there are some important things to have on hand. Once they are assembled, please click on the button below to get started. You may also find access to a printer helpful during the process to print out some of the pages.

Our Step-By-Step Directions on how to submit your report to the General Education database is a helpful resource you can use as you move through the process.

Thank you for submitting these materials as they are very important to the overall success of our General Education program.


Judith L. Nye

Associate Vice President

Academic Foundations - General Education



  1. Know which category of General Education your course fits under [i.e. First Year Seminar, Historical Perspectives, Global Understanding, etc]
  2. Know which Learning Outcome you are assessing.
  3. Be ready to provide a description of the assignment/artifact used as the basis for the assessment.
  4. Know how many student artifacts you assessed for each of these categories:
    1. Inadequate
    2. Marginally Adequate/Passing
    3. Good
  5. Have up to four (4) files ready to submit:
    1. One student file that demonstrates Inadequate
    2. One student file that demonstrates Marginally Adequate/Passing
    3. One student file that demonstrates Good
    4. If necessary, one file that provides the rubric or other supporting documentation for this assessment


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