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    Judith L. Nye

    Associate Vice President

    Academic Foundations - General Education

    Gather Your Information:

    1. Know which category of General Education your course fits under [i.e. First Year Seminar, Historical Perspectives, Global Understanding, etc.]
    2. Know which Learning Outcome you are assessing.
    3. Be ready to provide a description of the assignment/artifact used as the basis for the assessment.
    4. Know how many student artifacts you assessed for each of these categories:
      1. Inadequate
      2. Marginally Adequate/Passing
      3. Good
    5. Have up to four (4) files ready to submit to our office via e-mail using outcomes@monmouth.edu:
      1. One student file that demonstrates Inadequate
      2. One student file that demonstrates Marginally Adequate/Passing
      3. One student file that demonstrates Good
      4. If necessary, one file that provides the rubric or other supporting documentation for this assessment

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    First Name:
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    Describe Your Assessment

    Learning Outcome Assessed:


    Description of Assignment/Artifact Used as Basis for this Assessment:


    Based on what you've learned about your students' learning from this assessment exercise, please tell us in a few sentences what you would do differently next time to increase student learning related to this outcome.


    Number of Artifacts Assessed

    Number of Artifacts Assessed as Inadequate:
    Number of Artifacts Assessed as Marginally Adequate/Passing:
    Number of Artifacts Assessed as Good:

    PLEASE NOTE: Do not worry if the numbers you entered here do not match your class enrollment. We will treat any discrepancies as "missing data."

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: After you submit this form using the button below, please be sure to e-mail your sample artifacts (noted above) to outcomes@monmouth.edu.

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