Heide Estes, PhD


Graduate Faculty

PhD, New York University

BA, University of Pennsylvania

Office: Wilson Annex, Room 508

Phone: 732-571-7547

Email: hestes@monmouth.edu

Fall 2014 Office Hours:

Dr. Estes is on sabbatical for the 2014-2015 academic year.



Regularly Taught Courses:

EN 211 - Environment and Pre-Modern Literature

EN 307 - Middle English Literature

EN 405 - Chaucer

EN 443 - History of the English Language

EN 509 - Middle English Literature

EN 563 - Linguistics

Research Interests:

Old and Middle English language, literature and culture, with interest in gender theory and ecocriticism.

Selected Works:

Scholarly Articles:

“Blogging and Academic Identity.” Literature Compass: E-medieval: Teaching, Research, and the Net 9.12 (December 2012): 974-982.

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“Constructing the Old English Solomon and Saturn Dialogues.” Forthcoming in English Studies.

“Anglo-Saxons, Ecocriticisms, and the Sea.” Forthcoming in The Maritime World of the Anglo-Saxons, ed. Bill Schipper, Stacy Klein, and Shannon Lewis-Simpson (Essays in Anglo-Saxon Studies).

Additional Information:

Graduate Studies Committee member
Area Committee for English and Interdisciplinary Studies
Institute for Global Understanding member
Sustainability Advisory Council member (Academic Programs and Research Committee)
Gender Studies Committee member