• Information on Updating to New EN Programs for Summer/Fall 2011

    The English department is introducing a revised literature-based English major (EN11), and a new EN major with a concentration in Creative Writing (EN11.CW11). These programs are also available to EN/ED majors and EN/Special Education majors. Links to official curriculum charts for these programs are as follows:

    Bachelor of Arts in English (EN11.GE11)

    Bachelor of Arts in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing (EN11.CW11.GE11)

    All new EN and EN/ED majors, as of summer 2011, will automatically be under the new programs.

    Current EN and EN/ED majors have the option of updating to one of the programs; however, they must choose to do so by filing an e-form for the chosen program. Students will not be automatically updated. You should discuss with your advisor whether updating to a newer program is an appropriate decision for you, as it may affect your time to graduation. The department will offer the courses students need to fulfill their requirements, regardless of program. Rising sophomore English majors are strongly encouraged to update to one of the new programs.

    The course numbers of many EN courses have been changed. WebAdvisor and the Office of Registration and Records will be using the new course numbers only. If you are under EN08 or an older program, you will need to register for the new-numbered course that satisfies the requirement on your audit. Advising documents and unofficial curriculum charts will include a dual listing (old number/new number) as a convenience for the next couple of years.

    Please note:

    Students updating to the new programs will also automatically be updated to GE11 (the new General Education requirements). Starting in summer 2011, your academic advisor will be able to run a “what-if” audit on WebAdvisor to see whether updating will make significant changes in your time to graduation, etc.

    EN 206 British Literature II and EN 208 American Literature II will no longer be offered. Students who have taken one or both of these courses and who wish to update to EN11 or EN11.CW11 may substitute either or both of these courses for EN 204/226 or EN 209/229 (which will be requirements under the new programs). These substitutions will be handled administratively by the English department office.

    Under the new programs, EN 200/251 Intro to Creative Writing cannot be used as an elective in the EN major. It is a required course in the EN11.CW11 program as a prerequisite for further creative writing classes. Students who wish to major in the Creative Writing concentration or minor in Creative Writing are advised to take EN 200/251 in the first semester of the sophomore year along with their gen ed LIT requirement and/or another required 200-level EN literature survey (EN 226-229).

    If you update to a new program, all previous substitutions on your old curriculum audit will be lost and will have to be re-submitted. Such substitutions may include: subbing a 300+ elective for a 200-level CW class; intermediate foreign language substitutions; the use of EN 200/251 as an elective in the major; and WT (Writing Intensive) course substitutions. It is a good idea to print out a copy of your current audit for reference before initiating an e-form request to update to a newer curriculum.