• MBA Concentration in Healthcare Management (54 Credits)

    A Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management prepares those enrolled for tackling healthcare issues from a multidisciplinary, business-oriented angle. Through a combination of theory and practice, graduates learn to provide leadership in boardrooms, government agencies, in the non-profit sector, or through entrepreneurial ventures.

    When people think of healthcare, they think of doctors and nurses. While they are an important component, they are only part of a larger mechanism. According to the Bureaus of Labor Statistics, nearly 20% of the anticipated new jobs created between now and 2014 will be in the healthcare industry. An MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management from Monmouth will position graduates to take advantage of the expanding job market.

    The program is designed to appeal to those interested in entering the healthcare field, or expanding their current healthcare knowledge, with a strong foundation in the healthcare industry, all keeping consistent with Monmouth's commitment to personalized education. All faculty are not only impassioned teachers and mentors, but respected leaders in their chosen field. Graduates are exceptionally well prepared to play leading roles in the diverse organizations and specialties that make up this vitally important industry, one that is constantly changing as a result of innovations in science and technology, economic forces, human demand, and governmental and social policy.

    Check out our curriculum chart for a complete list of course requirements!