• GIS Internships

    Internships and experiential education are crucial to the GIS Program at Monmouth University. Nearly all higher level geospatial positions will require some hands-on job training. The best way to achieve this is through an internship. While getting an internship has become more difficult in recent years for many disciplines, our program offers students the opportunity to participate in fieldwork, create and implement original GIS projects, and work with GIS professionals throughout New Jersey.

    Past internships have included working with various local governmental agencies as well as researchers at Monmouth University and elsewhere. Internships count towards the minor and students are encouraged to spend at least one semester (often during the summer) in a professional internship. Students should only plan on an internship after taking an “Introduction to GIS” class, a second advance GIS class, and a specific data collection or management class.

    New Jersey Historic Places

    (Data: NJ State Museum)

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