• GIS Careers

    The geospatial industry is an exciting and rapidly expanding discipline. In addition, every discipline and industry is greatly increasing its reliance upon geospatial technologies such as GPS mapping and GIS analysis. The majority of these careers involve working with state and federal agencies, municipalities, private companies, or educational institutions. The key to securing a job in this field is three-fold. First, preliminary courses at the university represent your introduction to the theories and methods of GIS. Second, learning data collection techniques appropriate to your discipline is important to better understand the nature of relevant geospatial data, including its limitations regarding potential analyses. Finally, an internship or independent research project completed prior to graduation prepares you for entry into a geospatial career.

    A series of web-based articles examining the various strategies for maximizing your time as student for a career in GIS is available at Careers in GIS.

    The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) maintains a more extensive list of GIS-related job sites.