• GIS Faculty

    The following faculty teach courses related to the GIS Minor and Program.

    Edward González-Tennant, PhD, Director of GIS Program - Dr. Gonzalez-Tennant is assistant professor of GIS and archaeology and has nearly 20 years experience with GIS. He is an internationally recognized heritage scholar and is a member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites' (ICOMOS) International Scientific Committee on Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (ICIP). He regularly teaches undergraduate courses on GIS, supervises student internships in New Jersey and New York City, and supervises graduate research related to the integration of geospatial technologies for cultural resources.

    John Comiskey, Director of Homeland Security Program - In addition to directing Monmouth University's Homeland Security Program, Professor Comiskey's academic interests include intelligence, the nexus of crime and terrorism, evidence based counter-terrorism operations, and the development of homeland security higher education curriculum. Integration of the Homeland Security major and GIS minor is a primary goal for both programs.

    Ursula Howson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology - Dr. Howson Specializes in marine ecology, ichthyology, invertebrate zoology. Current research includes physiological ecology and behavior of larval and juvenile fishes, and image-based analyses of ontogenetic changes in their morphology. Dr. Howson teaches Biological Oceanography, which includes weekly GIS assignments and counts towards the GIS minor.

    Richard Scherl, PhD, Associate Professor of Computer Science - Dr. Scherl's research interests include artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and information systems. Upcoming projects include working on machine learning as related to geospatial data and analysis. 

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